Current projects

Current projects

Project Emprende for young entrepreneurs

The project supports the european exchange of young enrtrepreuers. These persons get the possibility to become familar with foreign cultures und achieve new experiences.

Condition for take part in the project is a finished businessplan.

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New technical school for manufacturing areas

Directly beside the existing building complex on the hiving mountain - Campus is established a new building, which offers 700 Quardratmeter place for flexible, small production departments. The advantage of the building: It can be supplemented if necessary uncomplicatedly, whereupon with the construction one respected. The technical school we with the supply of warmth with warmth by a heat pump system. Twelve Bohnungen into 85 meters of depth were set. The terrestrial heat is derived from probes and made usable for the heating in the winter and/or the cooling in the summer. Thus operating cost the operating cost of the technical school can be reduced clearly. In September 2007 the technical school is to be available for the enterprises, to give also 40 new parking lot we there it.


Selected place - 365 places in the countries of ideas

Germany was and is the country of the ideas. Inventors, artists, philosophers, scientists and entrepreneurs made it over centuries. In the context of a country wide competition altogether „365 places in the country of the ideas were gekürt “, which present themselves in each case on one day in the year of the public with their idea. Places in the country of the ideas are not cities and municipalities in the geographical or political sense. They are everywhere, where ideas develop, to be developed and promoted or where the memory of large inventions and ideas is retained. The met selection reflects the idea wealth of Germany in all its facets and in all regions. 365 places present themselves and their idea on one day each of the yearly.

On 19.09.2007 the technology and innovation park Jena GmbH has their day in the country of the ideas.


"StartUp Centre Jena"

The support technology-oriented establishments is bundled in Jena. Under the Dacgmarke “StartUp Centre Jena” become Friedrich SChiller university, the Facghochschule Jena, which activates and supports technology and Innovatinspark GmbH and the BioCentiv GmbH as well as industrie and action chamber Ostrthüringen to Gera together knowledge-based Gründungsvorhanben. Founder of network, to whom these institutions likewise belong, becomes falls back on the existing experiences of the establishment promotion in the context of the Thüringer. In the first common consultation, which took place under the coat of the “StartUp Centre Jena” Ennde November in the bio instrument center, the further procedure was discussed. All activities are directed toward the university location Jena in particular. Due to the spatial proximity best possibilities exist of obtaining existing resources too kombiniereb and synergies. The “StartUp Centre Jena” understands itself as partner for technology-oriented founders and offers with the experience of many years of the members assistance and support with the development of business ideas, with training course and consulting possibilities, with the switching of klapitalgebern as well as in the starting period of the enterprise by a outstanding infrastructure offer. Interested finds to all mechanism involved an approach and a contact point. As a speaker for the “StartUp Centre Jena” functions tip managing director Randolf Margull Tel.: 03641/675100


Arbeitskreis Wirtschaft - Innovation - Arbeit

The region Jena is of Thuringia prominent economic and technology location. In a comprehensive study to the Standortranking of circle-free cities and districts of Germany recently the trade paper of the region certified a country widely above average economic growth, a high job density as well as best development and future chances. Together with the city Jena and the Saale Holzland circle want the members of the working group economics - innovation - work, when representatives from economics and technology in the region contribute to support with concretely usable projects economic growth small and medium-size enterprises in industry and handicraft lastingly. The goals of the working group economics - innovation - work regarding marketing and promotion of economy development are in projects with the following emphasis place underneat

  • Structure application and service center of the regional economy for the demonstration of technical, technological products and procedures
  • Publication of a current „technology Atlas “ Information catalog and Internet-based co-operation stock exchange to technology, handicraft trade and services of the region
  • Creation of efficient, spreading relations of the economy with municipal administrations, scientific mechanisms, chambers and federations